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Why I Love Trader Joes

Why I Love Trader Joe’s…

OK, here we go…..again. First off, I LOVE Trader Joe’s. OK, I said out aloud, but I do. Maybe you do too, or perhaps you would not have even stopped in on my page.

Anyway, we got our first Trader Joe’s about two to three years ago, maybe more. We are not a huge town, not like an Atlanta or San Francisco, or maybe even Austin, but we finally got our own. The day it opened, it was a big deal. Has been for me ever since.

I look at Trader Joe’s sorta being like an Ikea, a destination of sorts. I know when I lived near an Ikea, when I would visit there would be people taking day trips just to go to the Ikea. Trader Joe’s is sorta like that here in my town.

On weekends when you visit, you will see car tags from all the surrounding counties, not just the ones close, but even those several counties away. It makes me laugh a little since I cannot imagine taking a day just to go to the grocery. Then again, I wouldn’t do that for a Kroger, but maybe a Trader Joe’s if I didn’t already have one in my backyard.

So, why the blog? Well, I just love the store. I love the foods, love the vibe, love the many faces that I have gotten to know over the years that work there. Yes, Carol I am talking about you! I just have a great time there when I shop.

Over time I will write about foods that I try there. I will ask you to share your favorites, maybe even trying your hand at writing a post, to share your thoughts.

I will certainly write about experiences that I have there. All good, I don’t think anything bad could happen while at Trader Joe’s, but then again time will tell. Just hasn’t yet!

Recipes that I try? Nope, not this blog, but if you want to share please contact me and I will gladly feature your post. I am not a cook, won’t pretend to be one. Not lazy, just don’t like cooking for one too much.

Anyway, so there you have it. Blog post one about my favorite store (did I just say that) in the whole-world, Trader Joe’s. Check back for more soon!

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