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Weekly Trader Joe's Haul

Weekly Trader Joe’s Haul

My trip to Trader Joe’s provided me with that “high” again

Weekly Trader Joe's Haul front of my storeToday was my weekly Trader Joe’s haul, well as many call it anyway. I just call it a trip to the store, since Trader’s is about the only store that I ever go to. Plus, I go a bit more than just once a week, so really can’t call it weekly. Sometimes it’s two, three times I may stop in. Just depends on my mood, and if I am craving something that I can only get there.

Anyway, today is my trip to Trader Joe’s, and when I was wheeling my cart out to the car in the blazing heat of summer, sweating like a small dog, I thought of something. For just over $50, I had three full bags of groceries. Enough to feed one person, me for almost a week. And if I was careful, and not glutenous, perhaps a full week, and then some.

When I thought about it, I realized that my satisfaction was very much like the satisfaction that I used to get when I lived near an Ikea store.

Weekly Trader Joe's Haul bags in the carWhen visiting my local Ikea, I would take a twenty-dollar bill or two. Once there, I would load up my blue re-usable Ikea shopping bag with great items, then head to the checkout. As it was range up, I rarely worried, and often the total would even give me back a good deal of change. I would have a nice shopping fix taken care of, and have some nice things for my home too.

Today when I was wheeling the cart out, that was the same type of feeling that I had at Trader Joe’s. I had three bags of great food, most super healthy, and all delicious. I was almost proud of myself. Why? Because I bought smart, didn’t go to wild with items that I really didn’t need (and yes I went hungry, not smart), and had great products to enjoy at home.

It’s sort of strange how Trader Joe’s does that to a person isn’t it? Is it just that we like buying smart, and since Trader’s is very fair on their pricing it makes it easy?

Perhaps it’s the great atmosphere that gives us the high when you are in the store, such as being acknowledged by employees you have seen there for years. Plus you get the benefit of shopping with other shoppers thinking  about their health, and saving money just like you are. You can tell it on their faces!

Do you get a high too?loaded basket Weekly Trader Joe's Haul

So how do you feel when you leave your local Trader Joe’s? Do you feel proud of yourself, for having shopped healthy, and saved some dough. Share your thoughts below in the comment section, I would love to hear them!

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