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Trader Joe's Roasted Chicken Patties

Trader Joe’s Roasted Chicken Patties

A Quick Chicken Dish for Lunch or Dinner

I will put it simple, I tried these Trader Joe’s chicken patties out and, well, was not that impressed. Sure they were inexpensive. 2.49 (may be higher, or less in your area) for the two patties, and they were VERY easy to prepare in the microwave. However, that is where the excitement of the dish ended.

After taking them out of the package, all heated and ready to serve, I then asked myself what to do with them? Do I make a sandwich?

Well making a sandwich may have been a good idea, had I had bread or buns. Do I put a sauce on them? I never figured out a good accompaniment, that I had on hand. So, I just ate them plain since the package said something about being lightly seasoned.

All I can say is, bland would be the word that I would use. Not horrible by any stretch of the word, but just bland.

I may try them again, but for now I think I will pass until I can get a suggestion on how to serve them!

Have any suggestions maybe? Post them in the comments section below, if you do!

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