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Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Popcorn - A Favorite

Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Popcorn – A Favorite

Could this be the Perfect Snack?

Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Popcorn is a personal favorite of mine. Of course I am a huge fan of snacks and anything made of popcorn, so considering the ease of having this, of course is Trader Joes Guiltless Popcorn Inside the Bagwould be a favorite.

Once you open the rather large bag, you are greeted by a lightly salted popcorn treat, just like what you would make yourself, or perhaps have at the movie theater. Like most items at Trader Joe’s the salt is kept at a minimum, and there is a minimum of oil to rub on your hands while eating. I’m not sure of the sodium and levels of fats, but I am assuming it is much lighter than most store-bought popcorn.

I like to enjoy a bag of popcorn (yes, a bag, it is addictive), while watching TV on a Friday, or Saturday night, or sometimes as a light-afternoon treat for myself. The better thing to do I would imagine would be to pour some of the popcorn in a bowl, then close the bag and take it away. Yet, for some reason, I am never able to do that.

Trader Joes Guiltless Popcorn NutritionAs an item to take to a party, I think that it would be really well received. It’s a sizable bag, though lightly salted, it would still appeal to those who really enjoy salty snacks while watching a football or basketball game, or perhaps watching a movie in the widescreen TV.

How Inexpensive Is It?

At under $2, you could easily bring a couple of bags, and be the hit of the party, without breaking the bank. All the while offering your friends, and family a treat that is lower in fat and sodium, so perhaps just a bit healthier for them to snack on. A win-win if you ask me.

So, have you tried Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Popcorn yet? What were your thoughts, or those that you shared with, did you enjoy it? Post your comments, or serving suggestions below.

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