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Package of Trader Joe's pesto chicken wrap sandwich

Trader Joe’s Pesto Chicken Wrap

Trader Joe's pesto chicken wrap with parmesan cheese, roasted red pepper & pesto vinaigrette

Chicken Wrap with Parmesan Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper & Pesto Vinaigrette

One of my favorites for lunch from my local store is their Pesto Chicken Wrap.

It’s actually a treat for me to have this wrap, since it’s a bit more expensive than what I usually spend for my lunch. Not that it’s extremely pricey, it’s just that I don’t usually spend a lot for lunch. Maybe that’s just me.

Trader Joe’s has changed the packaging on the wrap over the past year or so, going from a solid wrap with a cut in the middle to the current small box shown here.

The new packaging actually does give you a better view of what the sandwich includes, and as you can see it’s a hearty wrap.

2 pieces of Trader Joe's pesto chicken wrap

This pesto chicken wrap is a great wrap for lunch, and is very filling. The sandwich includes a hearty amount of chicken, crunchy vegetables, and an ample amount of pesto.

Where will you find the wrap in your local store? In my store, they have now installed a separate location or case for their fresh salads, soups, and chilled wraps.

Trader Joe's pesto chicken wrap on a plate. 2 pieces consisting of a full wrap

As I have stated earlier, this is one of my favorite sandwiches from Trader Joe’s. Though, I will admit that I have several, and I keep finding new favorites every time they release a new one.

Have you tried your local store’s pesto chicken wrap? Is it one of your favorites too, or do you have other favorites? Post your thoughts, or your favorites to try below.

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