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Bag of Trader Joe's Organic Air Popped Popcorn

Trader Joe’s Organic Air Popped Popcorn

Organic, or Any Kind of Popcorn is Always Great for a “Binge” TV Night

Yesterday while I was visiting my local Trader Joe’s, I saw that they were offering a new type of popcorn in the snack aisle. I had craved popcorn anyway, so I thought that I would try Trader Joe’s Organic Air Popped Popcorn, and have it for my next TV binge night. Maybe watch “The Marvelous Mrs Maisel” one more time, or check out “Lost in Space” for the third time!

I will be honest, I actually went looking for another one of my favorite popcorn that Trader’s offers, but they didn’t have it, nor did they have the type you pop in the microwave. Very strange, I have to admit, but at least they had this new one.

What I didn’t expect is that I would like it so much. Maybe I thought that being organic, that it would be less flavorful, or perhaps less salty. Truth be told is probably really what I was wanting, the salt.

The bags are pretty good size, I think 5 oz. popped, and like the clerk checking out said, it makes the bag feel like a pillow. Pretty funny comment about popcorn, but I have to admit he was right. It would make a great pillow, if it weren’t for being so hungry.

The popcorn is the typical fare, but what was a pleasant surprise, not greasy at all, had a slight butter taste, which was good, and had a nice taste of salt, which is what I was craving. A really great popcorn, that is if you aren’t addicted to the buttery type that they serve at the movie theaters, or you can buy in the microwavable bags. Then you might be disappointed.

Back of Bag Trader Joe's Organic Air Popped PopcornFor me, had I not eaten more than one portion at one sitting, this would be a great low-calorie, and somewhat healthy snack. Perfect for movie night, TV binge night, or just when you are craving some salty food.

Have you tried this new item from Trader Joe’s? What did you think, did you like it, LOVE it, or are you ready to hit the concession stand at the movie theater for the “real” thing?! Post your comments below.

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