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Trader Joe’s Liquid Dish Soap

Trader Joe’s Liquid Dish Soap on shelf

Citrus Scent Version of Trader Joe’s Liquid Dish Soap for the Kitchen

Most of us keep liquid dish soap around the kitchen, and some of us may use it several times a week.

Well, in my case, since it’s only me, and I hate un-loading the dishwasher (affiliate link), I use liquid dish soap pretty much every day of the week. I may use it on just a few dishes like my morning coffee cup or water-glass, to the plates, and pots from my having cooked a whole meal.

I hadn’t tried many of Trader Joe’s kitchen, or household products yet, and since I was running out, I thought that I would try the liquid dish soap.

The citrus scent sounded interesting thought they have a lavender scent too. Since I have always been a big Dawn fan, I thought the citrus might be a good comparable smell. Though I will admit, I haven’t really noticed much of a scent for either brand.

Well, alas my first clean-up chore was the pan that is used for my Cosori air fryer. It is a two-part unit, and though it is teflon, or non-stick, it still has to be cleaned with something pretty substantial.

Well, on my first use, I found that this Trader Joe’s dishwashing product didn’t quite do the trick. I thought, well perhaps I didn’t use as much as a thought that I did, so maybe that was why.

Next it was time to clean the plates, from the chicken, or beef dish that I had cooked. I use a dishwashing wand, so usually it’s usually a pretty easy task to clean up my plates, and utensils, but this task was met with resistance also.

What I found in both cases is that though the liquid dish soap would lather some, it didn’t have the cleaning power that I have gotten used to with the Dawn dishwashing product.

I continued to use the entire bottle in the weeks since, but what I have found is that I have to use much more liquid for my dishwashing. In some cases I have to wash the plates or pan, not just one time, but also a second since the first time doesn’t do the trick.

My rating for Trader Joe’s liquid dish soap wouldn’t be very high if I were to have to rate A through F. It’s not a bad product, and perhaps it is much more environmentally conscience, but it doesn’t do the job, and in the end I use more product than I feel I should have to.

So, for me I will be returning to the Dawn dishwashing product. As much as I wanted to use the Trader Joe’s dishwashing soap, it just doesn’t do the trick. For someone who like me that hates to wash dishes, it makes the burden that much more tedious.

Have you used this product? If you have, how it work for you? Did it get your pots, pans, and plates clean on the first try, or did you have the same challenges that I did? Post your comments below, or send me a message using the contact form!

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