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Trader Joe's Ceramic Skulls for Halloween

Trader Joe’s Halloween Food and Decor

Multi-colored ceramic skulls at Trader Joe's

As Every Year, Trader Joe’s Offers Some Fun Halloween Food & Decorations for Your Home

My local Trader Joe’s never ceases to surprise me with the fun foods, and home decor items that they offer each year during the holidays. Why would this year be any different, even though I think that they have taken their game up a notch for this Halloween.

These are a few of the Halloween themed foods that my local store is offering for Halloween this year. Also, they have added, as well as the fall themed products, a selection of home decor items with the Halloween theme.

Take a look at the great skull (I guess that is what they are) planters, with plants that they are offering. (see above) They are so fun, and would really be sharp for your Halloween decor. Plus you get a great plant for your home as a bonus!

Bag of Trader Joe's Ghosts & Bats Crispy Potato Snacks

I was speaking to one of my favorite associates at my local Trader Joe’s when I was in the snack aisle this week, and she pointed out these ghosts and bats potato chips. I think that they are chips, though I will need to grab a bag or two next time I am in the store to confirm.

The ghosts and bats chips are all shaped like, you guessed it, ghosts and bats. They are too fun, and I think that they would be a blast to serve at a Halloween party. They would definitely start a conversation much more than your typical Lays potato chip!

Trader Joe's Multicolored Pumpkins on display

As would be typical Trader Joe’s, you can’t just have regular pumpkins. They also have this selection of colorful pumpkins, and gourds (or perhaps they are all pumpkins) for sale. At my local store, they were in a large box just outside the front of the store. They were situated with other fall and Halloween themed plants, and such.

A bag or Trader Joe's Candy Corn Popcorn Snack

My friend at my local Trader’s also pointed out this candy corn popcorn. I didn’t grab a bag this trip, but she said that I must before it’s no longer available in the store. She said it was really delicious,  and tastes just like candy corn.

Though I checked the calories of the candy corn popcorn, and it wasn’t too high, I suspect it would be easy to polish off a bag in one sitting. Either way, I will make sure to grab a bag my next trip, most likely this weekend.

A large cardboard box of Traditional Pumpkins at Trader Joe's grocery store

And, of course Trader Joe’s has gorgeous, orange pumpkins for sale again this year. Look how beautiful these are, and they all looked like they were in near flawless condition, unlike many you see at stores this time of year.

If you are planning to offer candy to your neighborhoods Halloween Trick-or-Treaters, or just decorate your home, these would be nice to have. Plus, I would imagine that they would be great for making pumpkin pies too.

So, what are you picking up at your local Trader Joe’s? Do you decorate for Halloween? How about Trick-or-Treaters, do you give out candy? Perhaps you are already thinking ahead, and how you will decorate for Christmas? Post your comments below, in the space provided. I would love to hear your thoughts about these new items, or anything at all.

Seeing all this Halloween home decor, and great snacks makes me so excited to see what Trader Joe’s does for fall, and especially Christmas and Hanukkah this year. I know last year they had some great items, and I would suspect that they plan to raise the bar even further this year. I cannot wait!

By the way, if you need some Halloween themed items for your Halloween party this year, check out all these Halloween themed items. Need some Trader Joe’s snacks too, and don’t want to make the trip? You can get many Trader Joe’s snacks, and chips right here. Plus, you can use that link too, for other great Trader Joe’s products!

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