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Trader Joes Cuban Style Black Beans

Trader Joe’s Cuban Style Black Beans

A little bit of Cuba in a can!

Trader Joes Cuban Style Black BeansI am an odd duck when it comes to food, and the Trader Joes Cuban Style Black Beans is a personal favorite of mine. It’s not a case of cravings like chocolate, or anything like that, but I do bring them home from the store pretty often.

At only 100 calories per serving, I will often enjoy a can (3.5 servings to normal people), for lunch, or with a Romain salad at dinner.

The black beans offer a delicious meal accompaniment that offers no artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Nothing really added that could be seen as bad, or un-healthy for you.

Cuban style black beans are also low-fat, high fiber and low carb. Also they are cholesterol free for those watching for their numbers. So, I guess you could say a pretty healthy dish over all.

Each can is very reasonable in cost, and offers like I said before what they call 3.5 servings for each 15.5 oz can.

Oh, on preparation, you can’t beat these for easy prep. All you need to do to prepare is put in a microwave safe dish, (I use glass), and microwave for a minute to two minutes per can. Quick and easy, what I love about many of Trader Joe’s foods!

Trader Joes Cuban Style Black Beans the dishOther nutritional details:

Calories: 100

Fat: .05 g

Cholesterol: 0.00

Sodium: 370 mg

Carbohydrates: 19 g

Protein: 6 g

Have you tried these Cuban style black beans from Trader Joe’s, what did you think? Do you have a favorite dish that you serve them with, or that you include them in? Share your comments Trader Joes Cuban Style Black Beans nutritionand/or recipes in the comment section below!

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