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Trader Joe's Tail Mix - Breakfast

Trader Joe’s Breakfast Trek Mix

Granola, Roasted & Salted Almonds, Cranberries & Greek Yogurt Flavored Chips

This is one of my favorite trek, or trail mixes that Trader Joe’s offers. It’s a lower-calorie option than some of the trail mixes, and having the sweet and salty mix of flavors, makes it one of my personal favorites.

I haven’t really figured out what makes this a breakfast trek mix, since to me it has many of the same nuts, and berries that other trail mixes that Trader Joe’s offers have. Perhaps it’s the mix of sweet, and salty?

This trail mix is actually offered two (2) ways at my local Trader Joe’s. It is offered both as a full bag of approx. 16 oz., and in this configuration where it is individual bags of 1.5 oz. each, or a total of 10 bags.A Favorite Snack Breakfast Trek Mix

Having the portions allows me to try to not eat half a bag at one sitting. Sure it’s sometimes tough to not reach into the cabinets for another bag, but I certainly try not to.

My thoughts, well as I said this is a favorite. Love the cranberries in the mix, and having the Greek Yogurt flavored chips is an added treat. If you are a sweets fan like I have been of late, it’s a great way to satisfy those cravings, but at the same time remain moderately healthy doing it.

On a scale of 1 – 10, I would rate Trader Joe’s Handfuls of Breakfast Trek Mix, at least a 9. I am careful to not bring these into my home when I am feeling like a binge eating session coming on, because they will be gone in days!

Have you tried this Trek Mix? What are your thoughts, is it one of your favorites? Share comments below in the space provided.

If this isn’t a favorite, and you have another suggestion, post those below too. I look forward to reading about your favorite(s), and maybe it will be one I haven’t tried yet.

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