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When You Need a Quick Meal, Trader Joe's has you Covered

When You Need a Quick Meal, Trader Joe’s has you Covered

Trader Joes Pasta Salad Fast Lunch

Look No Further for a Refreshing Pasta Salad

When you have had a long day, cooking is the last thing that you want to do. What better way to end the day then is a quick stop in your local Trader Joe’s for a quick meal.

No, I’m not suggesting that like Whole Foods, that Trader Joe’s has started serving meals, and offering tables to eat at, but instead pick up one of these great pastas and salads. They are always fresh, almost amazingly so considering I am sure that they come from a distribution center somewhere. I mean the vegetables are always crisp, the pastas are amazingly textured, and if you didn’t know better you would think that the meal was just prepared. I am always impressed.

Speaking of variety, you have a few dozen to choose from. You can choose from a simple Cobb Salad, to many other styles, from crunchy slaw (their word), to Greek and Caesar salads. They also have various pastas, which I can tell you they are all my favorites. (big pasta lover here though)

Prices are pretty reasonable for the portion size you get. Most at my local Trader Joe’s average between $3.99 per salad, to the most expensive I believe is around $4.99. The more expensive usually have chicken or beef in them, therefore the higher cost.

Next time you are at your local Trader Joe’s and you don’t feel like cooking, pick up a few and let me know what you think? These are great for a lunch that you can take with you from home, or as a dinner since the portions are pretty large for most people.

Have you already tried the salads and pastas at Trader Joe’s? What are your favorites, or are you like me and you like almost all of them! Post your comments or suggestions in the space below.

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