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Did You Know that Trader Joe's has Burgers?

Did You Know that Trader Joe’s has Burgers?

Beef, Turkey, Veggie, Oh My!!

Frozen Trader Joes burgersA lot of people know Trader Joe’s for the various fresh wraps, cheeses, and boxed goods that they have, but did you know that your local Trader Joe’s offers an ever growing choice of burgers?

Trader’s offers your traditional beef burgers of course, but also has a large selection of veggie burgers of various types, as well as your more standard turkey burger.

Frozen burgers are usually in the center sections of your local Trader Joe’s, but if your store is like mine, they sometimes move, so when in doubt, ask one of the floor associates.

My personal favorite’s are many, but the one I enjoy more often is the regular turkey burger. I grill them on my George Foreman grill, and then top off with some of the Trader Joe’s chunky guacamole, which is usually located near the cheese case. They make for a delicious meal, and pretty low in calories, and I am thinking would be pretty good for you too. (you may want to check me on that) Tastes great either way!

Of course, Trader Joe’s also offers some delicious fresh burgers too, in the fresh meats section. Don’t forget to check those out too, because I hear they are fantastic, better than what you can get at a Kroger or the like. I plan to check those soon, but if you have had them, drop me a note below in the comment section.

Have you tried Trader Joe’s burgers? What style/flavor did you try? Post your thoughts in the comments section below, I look forward to reading them.

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  1. Sandra Thacker

    They are great and I buy when there.

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