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Great Find for Us Salad Lovers

Great Find for Us Salad Lovers

Found a Great Tool to Keep Salads Fresh

I am a HUGE lover of salads, especially at lunch time, but I always find it cumbersome to take a salad with me for lunch. Either you put everything together and parts of my salad get soggy which I hate, or some items dry out. Also, if you put the dressing on before, what a mess, and usually the salad dressing becomes overpowering, and the vegetables wilt. There appears to be a great solution though, and it’s not very expensive either.

Amazon has a lot of interesting items, and I am always stumbling on things that I am shocked that they would have, and sometimes surprised that someone is even selling. I was researching salads for my blog post on Caesar Salad kits coming soon, and while searching I came up with this need salad kit.

This looks like just the fix for keeping salads you take to work or school fresh, and it would incorporate the items you buy at Trader Joe’s just perfect. Buy in full-size like you always do, then part out using the boxes, and be able to enjoy a fine salad for lunch. Awesome idea!

If you are interested in learning more about this lunch container kit for salads, click here and see reviews, other photos, current pricing and details. Just a reminder, I do receive a small fee from Amazon if you purchase, but you still pay the same low price as always. The fee is paid by Amazon, and helps me pay for the site, and keeping it up and running, thank you!

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