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Bananas at Trader Joes

Are These the Best Deal at Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joes bananas and cerealWhat is the best deal at Trader Joe’s stores? Well, there are so many, it is hard to choose, but these might be the number one deal in the place.

First off, they are less than a quarter each, so to me that is an awesome deal right there. I mean what else in the world can you get for that price. I guess I should add a caveat to that since they are 19 cents each at my local Trader Joe’s, but may not be the same price at yours.

Second they are super good for you, offering lots of good things that doctors and health conscious folks say you should eat. Anytime you can find a food that is healthy, less-expensive, and tastes good too, that is always a plus.

And the third great thing about them, is that they can be enjoyed on the go. You can grab one off the counter, pull from the bunch, and just run out the door. Heck, you can even throw the wrapper down, since even it is biodegradable. (note, don’t throw down where others may step on the peel)

Are These the Best Deal at Trader Joe's?Bananas are usually offered at 19 cents per banana at my Trader Joe’s, and are sold by the single, or you can buy a whole bunch. Varying sizes, and quantities, just whatever is on the little cart that they bring from the back.

I don’t always pick them up, but when I do bananas are often a snack between meals, or if I have cereal and milk in the house, they are a great add to on top of the bowl. (see photo) Just something that I enjoy, and what a deal!

Do you enjoy bananas from Trader Joe’s? Perhaps you know of an even better deal at the market? Post your comments in the space below, or if you have a recipe using bananas, share it there too. Maybe your recipe will be featured in a upcoming post!

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