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Baby Carrots, the Perfect Snack

Baby Carrots, the Perfect Snack

Trader Joes Baby Carrots, the Perfect SnackWhen I think about a snack, if I don’t have chips or things like that in the house, I often run to the refrigerator in pursuit of something to eat. Yes, you know how it is, you just have to have something, or you will blow away with the breeze the next time the A/C kicks on. Not really, at least not in my case.

Snacking is a big problem for me, but I have found a small solution that works most times. Especially when I don’t have a choice in the matter, which I actually consciously try to make that the case. You know, in quest of the perfect body!

I keep baby carrots from Trader Joe’s on hand almost all the time, so will be assured that I have something to snack on at home. Sure, I like chips, cookies, or anything that there is a measure to eat, like Trader Joe’s Trail Mix. However, if I bring those types of things in the house, they don’t last long in my house.

You see carrots are pretty good in most food categories I have heard. They are a vegetable which is a good thing right?! Also, they have good vitamins for your eyes and such (think rabbits), are low-calorie, and I assume they have a fair amount of fiber. They are also packaged in a bag, so you can treat them like a bag of chips, and carry them around the house snacking away. At least, I do, but like I said, I do have a snacking problem!

Anyway, next time you are in Trader Joe’s pick up a bag or two. They are pretty inexpensive, last a long time, and my understanding is that even kids like them. Maybe a great snack for them too!

So, what other snacks do you like from Trader Joe’s? Doesn’t need to be a healthy item necessarily, but something that you love to snack on. Maybe you have a favorite exotic flavored chip, or pita crisp, which Trader Joe’s has many? If so, drop me a line in the comment section below.

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