I just stumbled on this on Amazon today, and I will be honest that I doubt if I will download it. You see, not much of a cook here myself, and for me to have a app on my iPhone that offers 900 recipes, would be pretty useless.

The product features page of the application says that its recipes only use Trader Joe’s ingredients, so that is pretty interesting in itself. I mean Trader’s is pretty vast in its offerings, but I never thought of it having everything you would need to cook. Then again, like I said, I am far from any kind of chef. King of the microwave here!

Also, on the app is 850 product reviews, and also a store locator, and store shopping list. So as you can see, it offers a bit of something for everyone. Heck, maybe I should download then!

Above all, it’s FREE, so if you decide to check it out, let me know your thoughts in the space below.