Trader Joe's Low Sodium Garden Patch beverageI have to admit that I do love tomatoes. I love them in about any form or fashion, except raw where I just bite into one. Not a fan of doing that with tomatoes, pears, apples or anything like that. I guess it’s a “texture” thing, or something, but never have liked it.

Sometimes, when I crave tomatoes and I know that I would binge if I prepared pasta with tomato sauce, I will instead have V-8 or plain tomato juice, which will usually satisfy my craving. I tried that recently when I visited my local Trader Joe’s, but this time the results were not the same.

First off, Trader Joe’s Low Sodium Garden Patch, does NOT taste the same as tomato juice, though being honest it really isn’t supposed to. It is a blend, which I guess means it has other vegetables in it. What I believe that it is supposed to be like is V-8.

Garden Patch, quite frankly does not taste like V-8, and these are a few reasons why. If you are a salt-a-holic like me, the first thing that you will notice is the Garden Patch is low sodium, meaning less salt. 80% salt to be exact, so if you like the salty flavor of regular V-8, you won’t get it here.

Secondly, with Garden Patch, you are often left with a desire of wanting “more”. Meaning, more tomato taste and less of a “processed” taste. I don’t know what it was, and knowing Trader Joe’s products, I know it was not additives, but after each glass I always had an after taste, much like an over-processed beverage, almost a metallic taste.

Obviously Garden Patch was not a win for me, and quite honest I only made it through about a quarter of the container before throwing it out. Perhaps it would be fine with salt, and/or perhaps vodka added (bloody Mary anyone), but as a stand alone drink, it is not a winner. This was one of those times that I said “I could have had a V-8”!

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Low Sodium Garden Patch, if so what did you think? Did I miss something, perhaps I am to add something, or serve differently? Post your comments below if you feel inclined, and let me know what you think!