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Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Popcorn – A Favorite

Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Popcorn is a personal favorite of mine. Of course I am a huge fan of snacks and anything made of popcorn, so considering the ease of having this, of course is would be a favorite. Once you open the rather large bag, you are greeted by a lightly salted popcorn treat, just like what you would make yourself, or perhaps have at the movie theater. Like most items at Trader Joe's the salt is kept at a minimum, and there is…
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Baby Carrots, the Perfect Snack

When I think about a snack, if I don't have chips or things like that in the house, I often run to the refrigerator in pursuit of something to eat. Yes, you know how it is, you just have to have something, or you will blow away with the breeze the next time the A/C kicks on. Not really, at least not in my case. Snacking is a big problem for me, but I have found a small solution that works most times. Especially when…
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