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Trader Joes: A Complete Salad – Caesar Style

There are many foods in my world that I can say that I love, and of those foods that I love, this is at the top, or very near the top of the list. I love salads of most any kind, and I have a special fondness for Caesar salads, of which I have had many types of the years. I have had those with the traditional fixings like this one from Trader Joe’s, to more exotic creations having eggs, strips of bacon, or a…
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Great Find for Us Salad Lovers

I am a HUGE lover of salads, especially at lunch time, but I always find it cumbersome to take a salad with me for lunch. Either you put everything together and parts of my salad get soggy which I hate, or some items dry out. Also, if you put the dressing on before, what a mess, and usually the salad dressing becomes overpowering, and the vegetables wilt. There appears to be a great solution though, and it's not very expensive either. Amazon has a lot…
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