Eggs can be for Lunch and Dinner too!


Case of Trader Joes EggsEggs are one of my favorite foods that I get from Trader Joe’s. I know you can get them pretty much at any grocery store, but I tend to pick them up at Trader’s more often, for two reasons. One is because I am pretty much only ever at Trader Joe’s for fresh items, and two I think that they may be fresher, and therefore more tasty.

When you pick up a dozen of eggs, you are not only picking up a great item for breakfast or brunch, but also one that can be used for a snack, lunch, or even dinner. The options are endless, with the versatile egg.

There are also many ways to serve them. Myself, I like the good old fashion scrambled egg for breakfast, and sometimes an omelet, that is if someone else is preparing them, like a restaurant.

For snacks, I always keep on hand several dishes full of un-peeled hard-boiled eggs, that I can grab for a quick peel and eat snack. One of the best tools that I have bought of late to make sure that I always have plenty on hand is my Cuisinart hard-boiled egg cooker. It allows me to prepare them in advance, and they will of course be ready to eat for several days if kept in their shells in the refrigerator.

Trader Joes Scrambled EggsSometimes I like to have eggs for dinner too! There are the traditional ways to serve them, most from the breakfast niche, but I have also seen in Trader Joe’s topic, and other cookbooks ways to prepare them being unique for dinner. I know here where I live, many restaurants even use eggs as a gourmet topping on burgers, though I haven’t tried that yet.

Either way, eggs are super versatile, cheap, good for you, and very filling too!

Will you be picking up a dozen eggs next time you visit Trader Joe’s or another grocer? What is your favorite meal to serve them? Drop a comment below, I would love to hear!