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Great Find for Us Salad Lovers

I am a HUGE lover of salads, especially at lunch time, but I always find it cumbersome to take a salad with me for lunch. Either you put everything together and parts of my salad get soggy which I hate, or some items dry out. Also, if you put the dressing on before, what a mess, and usually the salad dressing becomes overpowering, and the vegetables wilt. There appears to be a great solution though, and it's not very expensive either. Amazon has a lot…
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Trader Joe’s Low Sodium Garden Patch

I have to admit that I do love tomatoes. I love them in about any form or fashion, except raw where I just bite into one. Not a fan of doing that with tomatoes, pears, apples or anything like that. I guess it's a "texture" thing, or something, but never have liked it. Sometimes, when I crave tomatoes and I know that I would binge if I prepared pasta with tomato sauce, I will instead have V-8 or plain tomato juice, which will usually satisfy…
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A Favorite – Trader Joe’s Chicken Lasagna

Great for lunch or dinner. Share with a¬†friend! This is one of my favorite items to buy for dinner at Trader Joe's,¬†chicken lasagna. It's one of those items that if you have it once, you will almost crave it at times, especially if you are like me, and LOVE pasta in general anyway. At four (4) servings per container, or one (1) for people like me, it is very filling. Calories are not too bad, even if you do eat the entire container yourself, being…
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