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When You Need a Quick Meal, Trader Joe’s has you Covered

When you have had a long day, cooking is the last thing that you want to do. What better way to end the day then is a quick stop in your local Trader Joe's for a quick meal. No, I'm not suggesting that like Whole Foods, that Trader Joe's has started serving meals, and offering tables to eat at, but instead pick up one of these great pastas and salads. They are always fresh, almost amazingly so considering I am sure that they come from…
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Great Find for Us Salad Lovers

I am a HUGE lover of salads, especially at lunch time, but I always find it cumbersome to take a salad with me for lunch. Either you put everything together and parts of my salad get soggy which I hate, or some items dry out. Also, if you put the dressing on before, what a mess, and usually the salad dressing becomes overpowering, and the vegetables wilt. There appears to be a great solution though, and it's not very expensive either. Amazon has a lot…
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