Well, Ready to Eat After You Cook Them That Is!

Baked Potato from Trader Joe's GroceryI am a huge fan of baked potato’s, both because they are relatively inexpensive, and very easy to cook.

Sure, there are many places that you can get a baking potato, everywhere from your local Kroger, to in some quick markets. Yet, those that I get at Trader Joe’s I feel tend to be a bit fresher, a tad bigger, and much more flavorful. Of course, being honest there are very few baking potato’s that I haven’t liked. Can we say, carbs!

My local Trader’s usually has potato’s, both in large bags of 2, 5 & sometimes 10 pounds., but most often I get them by the single, since they tend to a bit larger that way.

At my local store, they are usually $0.49 per potato, and you can select the individual potato you want, choosing from the usually large stack in produce.

Yes, I only eat them as a baked potato, but I overhear others making elaborate dishes using them.

What do you do with the potato’s you buy? Do you have a favorite dish you like to prepare? Perhaps you eat them raw, I have done that, but not as often. Post your comments, or maybe even recipes in the space below.