Something you had better not forget when you visit your Trader Joe’s today!!

Well, that is if you are in love or maybe even just in like….its Valentine’s Day!!


Happy Valentines Day - Why I Love Trader Joe's

Happy Valentines Day – Why I Love Trader Joe’s

Items on your list to consider for your sweet:

  • How about a great bottle of wine. You can get recommendations at TJ’s.
  • Flowers, always abundant and so cheap!
  • Something sweet like pastry or cake, mmmmmmm, making me hungry to think about it.
  • Chocolate is always a favorite, at least I know its mine!
  • Valentines card is always a good start or finish!
  • Maybe go all out and prepare a dish, maybe a pork tenderloin or chicken dish.

You have LOTS of options at Trader Joes, so what is it going to be? Share your Trader Joe’s Valentine’s in the comments section.

It’s good weather to get “frisky”, how about some whiskey…well bourbon actually!

Here in Kentucky, like when I lived in Georgia, we can buy Trader Joe’s adult beverages in the stores, things like wine and beer. Unlike Georgia, we have to go through a different door to get them, and then back out to leave, then into the regular Trader Joe’s door, but at least we can still buy our wine and beer. Some odd Kentucky law I guess!

Here in Kentucky, also unlike Georgia, we can do something even better…we can buy liquor in our local Trader Joes. Yes, you heard me right, we can buy booze at TJ’s.

Not only does my Trader’s sell the main line brands of vodka, whiskey, gin, etc., but they also sell their own Trader Joe’s brand too! Like most things with the TJ branding, so far from what I have tried, it is great!

Trader Joes Kentucky Bourbon

Trader Joes Kentucky Bourbon

Over the holidays I was able to pick up a bottle of Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon. I am really glad that I bought it when I did, because since that time my local store has been out, and various managers there are telling me I won’t see it again till late this month at the earliest. Supply and demand I guess.

If you are looking for a very smooth, full bodied bourbon this is it. It actually reminds me of two of my favorites Makers Mark and Woodford Reserve, its that good! Yet, at a price point being well below what you can buy those two name brands for. Actually its priced pretty close to some of the prices that some of the, as my cousin would say, rot gut brands sell for.

With all the cold weather we have had, this is a nice treat to enjoy after a long day trudging through the snow and ice!

Have you tried this bourbon yet? Does your store sell bourbon or is it a wine and beer store only? Have you tried any of the other specialty liquors that Trader Joe’s is now selling? What’s your favorite?

Old Man Winter affects my local Trader Joes in ways that I NEVER imagined!

Near-empty produce case at my Trader Joes

Near-empty produce case at my Trader Joes

I stopped by my local Trader Joes the other night to pick up some things that I needed after our last cold weather event.

I just needed the usual things, bananas, eggs, some soy milk, maybe some of their delicious frozen meals for lunch, and maybe some frozen pineapple tidbits! (love them for desert)

We never got the snow they forecast, but we did get the cold in bunches! Brrrrrrrr, makes me cold to think about it!

North of us, the cold was accompanied by LOTS of snow and not realizing it, it can affect my local Trader’s in ways that I never imagined. Take a look at the photos and you can see how!

Stripped bare case at Trader Joes

Stripped bare case at Trader Joes

Barely anything perishable, from milk, to eggs, to bread, to produce, no bananas, very little meat, and even non-perishables were really affected. We all walked around the store like zombies not knowing what to do?

I was told by one of my favorite cashiers that the snows to the north of us hung up the trucks for days, so they were not getting re-supplied till they thawed north of us!

Anything can happen at Trader Joes!

Were you affected by the winter weather, and in what ways? Did you visit your local Trader Joes, any impact there?! Please post your comments below!

Another empty case at Trader Joes

Another empty case at Trader Joes




Where to get great wines for less than a car payment

You have to love the price!!

World Famous Charles Shaw wine at Trader Joes

Well, I would imagine you may already know the answer, that is if you have ever been in a Trader Joes.

Their Charles Shaw brand is great and is always super cheap, rather inexpensive. I shouldn’t use the word cheap, makes it sound cheap tasting, which it certainly is not.

Available in many varietals, Charles Shaw wine has been a staple at Trader Joe’s from it’s early years, and never disappoints no matter which type you buy.

I know especially now that we near the holiday season, I will see many openings of “Two Buck Chuck” as is the nickname, at the various holiday parties I attend, even at my more picky friends homes.

Unlike other cheap, whoops, inexpensive wines, Trader Joe’s/Charles Shaw doesn’t represent itself in taste as being cheap, nor in its presentation. I have seen it served at my parties, all the way to my more affluent friends events. Always served with a smile and received with satisfaction.

Always great deals and finds at Trader Joes.

A glass of red wine from Trader Joes grocery and wine stores.

So, what is your favorite, or do you have one? Are there other wines sold at Trader Joe’s you might suggest, since they sell so many and at such great prices?! Does your local Trader Joe’s sell spirits too? Have you tried any yet that you might suggest?

To all our currently serving military and those who have served, Happy Veterans Day and…

“Thank you” to those that support them. Their friends, families, employers when on reserve, and others deserve our thanks as well. Our military men and women and those that support them in their efforts allow us to live the lives we want to live. Allow us to be whatever we want to be, and live in the “land of the free”! Happy Veteran’s Day everyone!!

Happy Veterans Day - Why I Love Trader Joes

Happy Veterans Day – Why I Love Trader Joes