Trader Joe’s Low Sodium Garden Patch

I have to admit that I do love tomatoes. I love them in about any form or fashion, except raw where I just bite into one. Not a fan of doing that with tomatoes, pears, apples or anything like that. I guess it's a "texture" thing, or something, but never have liked it. Sometimes, when I crave tomatoes and I know that I would binge if I prepared pasta with tomato sauce, I will instead have V-8 or plain tomato juice, which will usually satisfy…
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Are These the Best Deal at Trader Joe’s?

What is the best deal at Trader Joe's stores? Well, there are so many, it is hard to choose, but these might be the number one deal in the place. First off, they are less than a quarter each, so to me that is an awesome deal right there. I mean what else in the world can you get for that price. I guess I should add a caveat to that since they are 19 cents each at my local Trader Joe's, but may not be the…
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Quick Meals

Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Popcorn – A Favorite

Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Popcorn is a personal favorite of mine. Of course I am a huge fan of snacks and anything made of popcorn, so considering the ease of having this, of course is would be a favorite. Once you open the rather large bag, you are greeted by a lightly salted popcorn treat, just like what you would make yourself, or perhaps have at the movie theater. Like most items at Trader Joe's the salt is kept at a minimum, and there is…
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A Favorite – Trader Joe’s Chicken Lasagna

Great for lunch or dinner. Share with a friend! This is one of my favorite items to buy for dinner at Trader Joe's, chicken lasagna. It's one of those items that if you have it once, you will almost crave it at times, especially if you are like me, and LOVE pasta in general anyway. At four (4) servings per container, or one (1) for people like me, it is very filling. Calories are not too bad, even if you do eat the entire container yourself, being…
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Canned Goods

Weekly Trader Joe’s Haul

My trip to Trader Joe's provided me with that "high" again Today was my weekly Trader Joe's haul, well as many call it anyway. I just call it a trip to the store, since Trader's is about the only store that I ever go to. Plus, I go a bit more than just once a week, so really can't call it weekly. Sometimes it's two, three times I may stop in. Just depends on my mood, and if I am craving something that I can…
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